This page is so guests to MyWTS and prospective students for Masters programs (Master of Divinity and the various MA degree programs) can get a feel for the range, breadth, and schedules for courses that are taught.  See the various documents below.

If you are looking for Certificate courses (e.g., TEEM and Exploring Faith courses), please see the Learning for Life page instead.

If you have questions about the Masters courses, please contact the Registrar (Kevin Anderson, 563-589-0211,

January Interim 2021

A preliminary catalog of courses and travel trips being considered for the January Interim requirement of 2021. This is a "work in progress" and subject to change, including adjustments that may become necessary due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (which is still unfolding toward a possible second, or third, phase during the 2020-2021 academic year).  NOTE: The Seminary COVID-19 Task Force has delayed a decision on January 2021 travel immersions until September.

The latest version removes the Civil Rights Pilgrimage, plus adjusts some of the other summer-scheduled opportunities.

This catalog version was last updated 24 June 2020.

(.pdf, 146K)

Assuming it can go ahead, here is information on the Germany 2021 J-Term that will be jointly run with Luther Seminary.

(.pdf, 91K)

Fall Semester 2020

Updated 9 July 2020, changing the name of the worship course.

(.pdf, 107K)

Courses for 1st-Year MA in Diaconal Ministry students only, showing expected courses for students beginning Fall 2020 and including the rescheduling of the MN 157W seminar.

(.pdf, 103K)

Updated 7 July 2020, adding the Year 4 CL special alternative BI 381W.

(.pdf, 106K)

Spring Semester 2020

Revised 14 February 2020, moving IN 252W to a different classroom.

(.pdf, 61K)

As of 15 November 2019. Still subject to change. PLEASE NOTE PARTICULAR INSTRUCTIONS ON SEVERAL COURSES (e.g., HT 140W and MN 230W, to name two).

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January Interim 2020

Information on the J-Term 2020 opportunities.  Last updated through 22 October 2019, noting courses that are full and adding a second asynchronous course option.

(.pdf, 2453K)

Students canuse this form "fillable" Adobe PDF form to indicate to the Registrar your desired choices for your J-term course(s) in ranked-order of preference.  Return this form to Kevin Anderson, Registrar, as soon as you can, either in person or by e-mail (to

Or you can now submit your preferences using the MyWTS form directly found here:

Or found on the Student tab, and then selecting from the left-hand column of page options (which you may have to expose, depending on what browser device you are using, by clicking on the large blue-and-white ">" symbol at or near the lower left corner of your display), and then scrolling down until you find "J-Term Preference Form".  You do need to be logged into the MyWTS web portal to submit a preference form by this newer method.
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Fall Semester 2019

As updated through 28 August 2019.  For the detailed breakdown of the schedule, and other information about Prolog Week, see the August 28 e-mail sent out by the Office of Admissions and Student Services (under the e-mail address of Lily Reed) to Everyone-DL.

(.pdf, 137K)

Draft. Replaced 10 April 2019 to add explanation of MN 250W no longer being taught as reason for three elective credits being required. Still subject to change.

(.pdf, 136K)

Draft. Replaced 10 April 2019 to add explanation of MN 250W no longer being taught as reason for three elective credits being required. Still subject to change.

(.pdf, 186K)

Expected courses for Fall Semester 2019 as of 11 April 2019.  Subject to further adjustments.

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