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MDiv Fieldwork Forms (IN 171/172 & IN 271/272)
IN 171/172 Learning Agreement Form (First Year Students) (.docx, 16K)
IN 271/272 Learning Agreement Form (Second Year Students) (.docx, 16K)
Student Self-Evaluation Form (Use in All Semesters) (.docx, 15K)
Supervisor's Evalauation (Use in All Semesters) (.docx, 15K)
Academic Calendars
2017-2019 Academic Calendar (.pdf, 69K)

Last revised 11 December 2017.

Seminary Catalogs
2017-2019 Seminary Catalog (.pdf, 1799K)
2016-2017 Catalog Supplement (.pdf, 187K)

Describing the revised Master of Divinity and MA in Diaconal Ministry degree programs for new students starting Fall 2016.

2015-2017 Seminary Catalog (.pdf, 1008K)
2013-2015 Seminary Catalog (.pdf, 1735K)
2012-2013 Seminary Catalog Update (.pdf, 7217K)
2010-2013 Seminary Catalog (Published as 2011-2013) (.pdf, 925K)
Student Handbooks
Student and Community Life Handbook 2017-2018 (.pdf, 2201K)
TEEM Handbook (6th Edition, Fall 2017) (.pdf, 1104K)
TEEM Internship Handbook (Fall 2015 Edition) (.pdf, 579K)
Registrar Office Forms
Independent Study Contract Form (.pdf, 42K)
Course Extension/Withdrawal Form (.pdf, 36K)

Use this form after registration has closed (for example, at the end of the semester) to request a course extension or for a late course withdrawal.  There is a separate, simpler form to drop courses before the add/drop date.

MA Major Project Contract Form (.pdf, 23K)
MDiv Thesis Contract Form (.pdf, 10K)
Registrar's Student Information Release Form (.pdf, 9K)

The Registrar normally collects this form from students in February. It is primarily used to get prior permission to automatically send transcripts to ELCA candidacy committees in September each year, although the form also gives the faculty and administration some other permissions regarding discussion of student records.

Seminary Withdrawal Form (.pdf, 72K)

Use this form if you are withdrawing completely from seminary.

Concentration Declaration Form (.pdf, 290K)

For degree students - Used to declare your intent to complete a Concentration in conjunction with your degree program. Secure all needed signatures and return to the Registrar's office.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.